• Elaboration of Forest Inventory through Census and Sampling;
  • Implementation and monitoring of vegetation removal;
  • Reforestation by planting native species;
  • Transplantation of different sizes;
  • Recovery of Degraded Areas (PRAD);
  • Forest Restoration According to Environmental Legislation;
  • Irrigation Project;
  • Projection of Forest Vegetables;
  • Reforestation Project;
  • Projects for the Recovery of Degraded Areas – PRAD;
  • Preparation of Report and Technical Opinion related to vegetation.


  • Inventory and monitoring of different taxonomic groups;
  • Monitoring Project, Rescue and Translocation Plan;
  • Fauna Management and Management Plan;
  • Monitoring of interventions in order to promote the rescue of wild animals;
  • Specimen Inventory, Monitoring and Translocation;
  • Processing with the environmental agencies for licensing and management of fauna;
  • Elaboration of Environmental Education Programs with an emphasis on wild animals;
  • Monitoring in Wild Fauna Technical Surveys;
  • Preparation of Report and Technical Opinion related to Wildlife.