Technical Staff

Bringing together more than 14 years of experience, ECOLOGIC INTELIGÊNCIA AMBIENTAL has a multidisciplinary team to meet all demands / promoting results that guarantee deadlines, compliance, safety and reliability.

And, thanks to the expertise of the Ecologic team, it is possible to understand and distinguish information and elements that are not always explicit, in the requirements of environmental agencies, thus reducing, in fact, the risk of infractions and / or penalties.

This network of senior professionals is able, according to the complexity of the case, to manage and deploy the best specialists (national and international), promoting results that guarantee deadlines, compliance and reliability.


  • Environmental Lawyers;
  • Architects;
  • Environmental Engineers;
  • Civil engineer;
  • Forest Engineers;
  • Geologists;
  • Geographers;
  • Environmental Managers;
  • Industrial chemistry;
  • Sanitary Chemical.